July 16th, 2015


пугающие русские фамилии в названиях

Куорсеровский курс Model Thinking, одна из лекций:

That's it, that's the theorem. I know it sounds sort of frightening, right?
Lyapunov, it sounds really scary, and I'm sure when you looked at the syllabus, you thought, oh my gosh, Lyapunov functions! This is gonna be hard. Maybe I'll skip this lecture.

I thought about calling it Dave functions, or Maria functions, because then it wouldn't sound so frightening if I said, we're gonna study Maria functions, you know, so, ha, that's probably gonna be pretty easy, or Dave functions.

It's just that with these Russian surnames, you sorta think, oh my goodness, this is frightening.

It's not, very, very easy.